“Go for it!” April reflections from our Head Girl

Here I am again with my regular blog, where we look back on the month we’ve had…

Many new and exciting activities took place in April including the Public Speaking Competition and DofE Awards. April Fool’s day saw a change in the LRB’s Daily Dingbats with a special challenge chosen to keep everyone guessing all day! Congratulations to Mr Hughes was the ONLY person to realise that it was unsolvable!  

As all of the Year 11s know, we are all very close to starting our GCSE’S, in fact French speaking exams are already taking place this week. This is the final push before we are in full exam mode, so I am definitely going to take advantage of any last-minute revision sessions on offer. It’s never too late to start something or develop further! Good luck to everyone in my year group. It is going to be a challenging time for us but we can do this!

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards were held recently (lots of photos coming soon!) and I want to say a personal thank you to all of the staff who took time out of their busy lives to accompany us on our expeditions and helped us to complete our awards. The experience, although not always easy, has been worth it for everyone because the team-building activities have been life-changing and it was an adventure that we will never forget. It also looks incredible on our CV for future employers, which is an added bonus! I want to say a special congratulations to everyone who won one of the D of E ‘TRIKE’ Awards (recognising students who demonstrated our school values most) and the special Navigation and Resilience Awards. Such a brilliant achievement! D of E is a great opportunity. If you are wondering whether to take part, I can really recommend it so speak to Mr Robinson to find out more.

As I have just mentioned team work and school values, it is a good chance to talk about the fact that we are all part of one big team. No matter what year or form we are in, we are all part of the same community; whether that’s in school, at home, in person, on the phone or online through social media.  I am a big fan of the saying, “kindness costs nothing but means everything” and strongly believe that we can all make someone else’s day, simply by being nice.

I’m sure you’re all aware that the Public Speaking Competition took place in April. What an event! I really enjoyed being one of the judges and want to say well done to everyone who took part, especially the five finalists. A massive round of applause to Cheuk Laam Chow in Yr11 whose moving speech on peace, justice and human rights beat off stiff competition to secure 1st place. A special mention also to Aisha in Yr10 who came 2nd and Cameron in Yr11 who came 3rd.  Whilst it can feel daunting, public speaking can also really boost your confidence and develop skills which will really help your future. If you get chance to take part next year, go for it!

I hope that you all have a great May and I’ll look forward to catching up again soon!

Phoebe, Head Girl