Year 9 – Letters Home

letter-50px Accelerated Reader

letter-50px Adverse Weather

letter-50pxAwards’ Evening Choir

letter-50px Bay  of Naples Meeting

letter-50px Duke of Edinburgh Skills Day

letter-50px Duke of Edinburgh Fundraising

letter-50px   Duke of Edinburgh Fundraising

letter-50px Duke of Edinburgh FundRaising 2018

letter-50px Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

letter-50px Future Chef Competition

letter-50px Future Chef Competition Final 2017

letter-50px Introduction Letter

letter-50px Junior Choir Christmas Performance

letter-50px Junior Choir Christmas Trip: Friday 15 December

letter-50px KS4 Bay of Naples Visit

letter-50px Key Dates and Information

letter-50px KS4 Humanities Tour to Rome

letter-50px Languages Day at Liverpool University

letter-50px Maths GCSE Revision Guides – Foundation

letter-50px Maths GCSE Revision Guides – Higher

letter-50px Measles Outbreak

letter-50px More of Me

letter-50px Music for Youth Regional Festival

letter-50px New Uniform Shop

letter-50px Parent Workshop

letter-50px Scrooge Rehearsals

letter-50px University of Liverpool STEM Trip: Wednesday 10 January 2018

letter-50px University of Liverpool STEM Trip: Thursday 11 January 2018

letter-50px Visit to Unilever – Bring Futures Project

letter-50px Wear it Pink Day

letter-50px Wirral Commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day

letter-50pxYear 9 Rewards Trip

letter-50px Y9 and 10 Volleyball Tournament