The future looks bright for Prenton students

Students of Prenton High School have been showered with praise after receiving their GCSE results today.

Prenton High School students have once again performed strongly, maintaining the success of previous years in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science and performing consistently well in all other subject areas. Another year of strong academic outcomes, which have been further enhanced by skills developed through a rich programme of extra-curricular experiences, mean that the class of 2021 are more than ready to take their next steps towards exciting futures.

As unprecedented circumstances continued for the second year running, students’ results have been based upon a wide range of rigorous teacher and exam-style assessments after the COVID-19 pandemic once again put a halt to final exams across the country.

Headteacher Lisa Ayling said:

“We could not be more proud of the endeavour shown by this year group in their studies. They have faced not one, but two challenging academic years with resilience, determination and a positivity that has equipped them not only with the qualifications and knowledge that they need for their next steps but also an important set of life skills, which will enable them to take on anything.

“The results that students have been awarded are a testimony to their hard work, achievements and the support that they have had from staff throughout their school journey. The qualifications that they have achieved, along with their involvement in a bespoke employability week at the end of Year 11, mean that they are well on the way to achieving their life ambitions.

“Rainbows have been a key theme throughout the pandemic and today they seem more fitting than ever as Year 11 look ahead to bright futures full of potential. I would also like to take this opportunity to recognise the significant commitment staff have made to complete such in-depth assessments across all qualifications. Our core values of trust, respect, integrity, kindness and endeavour have never been more evident within our school community and I look forward to hearing about our leavers’ next successes.”

Students who achieved exceptional results across all subjects included Ella Ponter (pictured above), whose parents were delighted to be there to share her achievement. Ella said: “I am very proud of myself and looking forward to what comes next. My time at Prenton High has really helped me to grow and I wouldn’t be where I am without the support I have received from my teachers and friends.”

Ella’s excellent results have secured her a place at LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) to study Technical Theatre so that she can pursue her dream career in stage management.

Well done everyone. We are so proud of everything you have achieved!