Student Services & Support

Mrs A Roberts | Head of Student Services and Designated Lead for Safeguarding

Student Services is a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of all students. The main priority of the team is to ensure that every student is well cared for, known as an individual, and has a happy, successful school experience. Our aim is for every student to become confident, resilient and ambitious, with a positive growth mind-set.

We know that learning can be affected by many different factors, so it is important that we develop strong, trusting relationships with our students and families. The positive relationships we build with every member of our school community helps us to identify concerns and provide the right support at the right time.

Alongside colleagues in other departments, we aim to empower and inspire all of our young people, supporting them and preparing them for every stage of their lives. We ensure students have a range of leadership opportunities and give students a voice on issues that are important to them.

We foster a culture of recognising and celebrating each other’s successes, congratulating and rewarding students’ achievements and endeavours to making a difference to our school and wider community. We have high expectations of all students. We are an inclusive community, eager to learn from the backgrounds and experiences of every young person who walks through our door each day. We strongly believe that when we all share our school values of, trust, respect, integrity, kindness and endeavour, then successful learning will happen.

Prenton High School is committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare, both physical and emotional, of every student, both inside and outside of the school premises. We follow a child-centred approach to safeguarding our students, which means that at all times staff must consider what is in best interests of the child and take action accordingly.

We work together with external agencies to ensure that the school identifies, accesses and supports those children who are suffering or likely to suffer harm.

All adults at Prenton High School, including staff in school, visitors to school, contractors and volunteers, are required to report when they believe a child is at risk of significant harm.

Designated Leads for Safeguarding

Mrs Alison Roberts: Head of Students Services

Mrs Geraldine Fraser: Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Lisa Ayling: Headteacher

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Please refer to our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy for further information about the framework we follow to achieve our safeguarding promise, in line with safeguarding legislation, statutory guidance and local safeguarding procedures.



At every key stage we are preparing students for their next steps, so they are ready to take their place in the world as confident, articulate and strong young people who are ready to embrace the opportunities in front of them.

We see students' time at Prenton as a journey of two connecting parts: lower school and upper school. Lower school covers years 7, 8 and 9 and at this stage we work to develop the key skills, motivation and positive mind-set for students to be fully prepared and ready for upper school; the GCSE years.

We have five Progress Leaders in total. This includes one for year 7, one for year 8 and one for year 9. Your child will remain with the same Progress Leader throughout years 7, 8 and 9. We also have one Progress Leader for years 10 and 11, supported by an Assistant Progress Leader, who will expertly prepare students for their final GCSE exams.

Progress Leaders will monitor the academic progress of their year group, organising appropriate intervention when it is needed. They will ensure that students develop a sense of belonging by recognising each persons’ individuality and involving all students fully in school life. Progress Leaders meet regularly with their team of form tutors and wider staff to ensure effective communication and resolve any issues which may arise, so that your child is safe and happy at school every day.

Current Progress Leaders

· Miss Davies: Progress Leader Year 7

· Mr Tang: Progress Leader Year 8

· Miss Pemberton: Progress Leader Year 9

· Mrs Hepke and Mrs Robson: Progress Leaders Years 10 & 11

Progress Leaders lead a team of Form Tutors. A students' Form Tutor is their first point of support and also the first point of contact for parents and carers. Students see their form tutors every morning and afternoon registration and they will remain with them during their five years at Prenton High School. Each form is part of a 'house' (Bedford, Hesketh or Riviera) and we instill a sense of fun through different inter-house activities.

In form time, students will take part in a number of activities which develop our school community and culture by enhancing leadership, organisation and communication skills, as well as resilience; all essential life skills, which will empower our students become the leaders of the future and help them to make a positive difference to the society we live in.

Our Student and Family Support team, works with students who require additional support for a wide variety of reasons. This could include things like settling into year 7, study skills, developing greater self-esteem, or dealing with times of difficulty in their lives. They offer opportunities for students to develop their skills outside of the classroom and reflect on their personal aspirations.


Our Support Officers are there to help students who need assistance to overcome barriers to learning, enabling them to make excellent progress and achieve their full potential.  The team is also involved in supporting students' families.




Ms K Connolly | KS3 Student Services Support

Ms L Gretton | KS4 Student Services Support

Amanda Dunbar | Family Support Officer

Mrs S Jones | Student Services Administrative Support






Our Attendance Manager supports students and their families to ensure consistent attendance at school.  Good attendance is key to achieving academic success.  Good attendance is celebrated through assemblies and the student attendance committee.


Mrs J Steen | Attendance Manager

As well as offering extensive in school support, we work with a variety of outside agencies to ensure the very best provision for our students, enabling them to access emotional support when needed and make academic progress.












Mrs S Jones | Student Services Administrative Support
Telephone: 0151 644 4216