School Policies

COVID-19 Policies

Export Pdf-50 PHS COVID 19 Risk Assessment 

Export Pdf-50 COVID 19 Testing Centre Risk Assessment 

Export Pdf-50 Safeguarding COVID Addendum Jan 21

Export Pdf-50 Policy for Remote Learning

Export Pdf-50 Remote Education Guide for Parents

Export Pdf-50 Attendance Addendum 

School Policies

Export Pdf-50 Acceptable Use Policy (Students) 2020

Export Pdf-50 Accessibility Plan 2020

Export Pdf-50 Addendum to Safeguarding Policy April 2020

Export Pdf-50 Admission Policy 2019-2020

Export Pdf-50 Admission Policy 2020-2021

Export Pdf-50 Admissions Policy 2021-2022

Export Pdf-50 Admissions Policy 2022-2023

Export Pdf-50 Admissions Policy 2023-2024

Export Pdf-50 Administration of Medication 2021

Export Pdf-50 Anti Bullying Policy

Export Pdf-50 Assessment Policy

Export Pdf-50 Attendance Policy

Export Pdf-50 Behaviour for Learning Policy

Export Pdf-50 Careers Policy

Export Pdf-50 CCTV Policy

Export Pdf-50 Charging and Remissions Policy

Export Pdf-50 Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Export Pdf-50 Complaints Policy 2020

Export Pdf-50 Curriculum Policy

Export Pdf-50 Data Protection Policy

Export Pdf-50 Definition of parent and parental responsibility

Export Pdf-50 Drugs Policy 2020

Export Pdf-50 Emergency Closure Policy

Export Pdf-50 Equality and Diversity 2020

Export Pdf-50 Equality Objectives 2020

Export Pdf-50 Exclusion Policy 2020

Export Pdf-50 Health Safety Policy Joint Academy September 2020

Export Pdf-50 Privacy Notice (Parents)

Export Pdf-50 Privacy Notice (Students)

Export Pdf-50 Procedures for Administration of Medicines

Export Pdf-50 RSE Policy (Relationships and Sex Education)

Export Pdf-50 Safer Recruitment Policy

Export Pdf-50 SEND Policy

Export Pdf-50 Social Media Policy

Export Pdf-50 Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy

Export Pdf-50 Student Acceptable Use Policy

Export Pdf-50 Support Staff Capability Policy 2019

Export Pdf-50 Teacher Capability Policy 2019

Export Pdf-50 Transgender Policy 2020

Export Pdf-50 Uniform Policy 2020

Export Pdf-50 Whole School Pay Policy 2021-21

Export Pdf-50 Whistle-blowing Policy Nov 20