Prenton’s Passion Impresses our Guests


Thank you to everyone who came along to our Open Evening and Open Day last week. We enjoy having visitors to our school and are always very proud to show our guests some of the wonderful things our students accomplish.

School was buzzing with activity and the many Subject Workshops proved to be a big draw – including a café in MFL, an American West murder mystery in History, Mala bead bracelet making in RE, a coding challenge and robotic arms in IT, dancing on custard in Physics, and ice cream making and forensic investigations conducted in Chemistry. Our English department took on a Charles Dickens theme, and there was a chance to make acrylic glasses using our 3D printer in Product Design. There were ‘You’ve been Framed’ cakes in Catering and an introduction to violin playing and drumming in Music. Guests to the Drama Studio were treated to scenes from Cinderella and High School Musical and for those looking to a physically active future, Cheerleading and gym activities were on display in the Sports department.

In her speech in the Main Hall, Head Girl Niah outlined the passion that staff and students have in the school, and with over 800 students in the building at one time, we get the impression that Prenton is likely to be a popular choice for many!

Here are just a few of the many positive comments made by our visitors:

“In particular, I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere and impressed with how approachable staff and students were.”

“There is so much to do for my daughter – I liked the fact that there are lots of extra-curricular activities to choose from.”

“The school was bright, clean, and not too big.”

“The children were very polite and we received warm welcomes in every room.”

“I would be happy for my daughter to come to Prenton because of its good reputation and outstanding results.”

“You develop young leaders – there is a nurturing atmosphere and I feel my daughter would fit in really well and be happy here.”

“Nice class sizes, the best female school in Wirral.”

“The school is positive, inclusive and progressive.”

“There are excellent opportunities for my daughter and an excellent curriculum.”

“We met happy, safe, aspirational children who clearly enjoyed learning.”

“We were shown around by lovely, helpful, Year 7 students – all the girls did you proud!”

“Seems like an awesome school – thank you to all the staff and pupils for the many activities; a lot of effort went into making it a fantastic experience.”

“A very impressive evening!”