Plans for Remote Learning

We have produced this video to explain our plans for remote learning should it become necessary at any point. This could be because we are instructed to close as we were in March or due to a student ‘bubble’ having to isolate. 

Remote learning will be delivered through two platforms; Class Charts and Microsoft Teams.

Parents and carers should recently have received an access code for Class Charts, which allows you to keep track of your child’s homework, achievements and behaviour. If you have not already done so, please log in to Class Charts via the website at or the app, which is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. If you are unable to find your access code, please contact Student Services so that we can sort it out for you.

If you are a student and have any concerns about accessing Class Charts or Microsoft Teams, which will be used for live lessons, please speak to your Form Tutor as soon as possible who will be able to help.