Performing Arts

Theatre 100

Our students follow three disciplines throughout Key Stage 3: dance, drama and music. Each of these are built around the ethos of fostering an awareness of confidence, team-work and theatricality.

The aim for our student at Key Stage 3 is to develop skills in all areas of performing arts. During dance lessons student learn about different genres and compositional skills; students enjoy experiencing dance from different cultures and countries. The opportunity to build skills in co-operation and understand the traits that underpin a dramatic performance, are harnessed in drama lessons. Musically, at Key Stage 3, the girls learn about their voice and how to perform both in groups and individually.

Each subject is taught in its own discrete area. Our students are lucky enough to have outstanding facilities in the music suite, which is equipped with private practise rooms and specialist ICT | Apple Mac facilities. Furthermore, the school boasts a purpose-built dance and drama studio, with tiered seating and theatrical lighting for performances. At the ‘hub’ of the department is the school hall, where classes meet to share performances. Here, they have the use of lighting, portable staging and a state-of-the art sound system.


Mrs C Burns | Subject Leader Music and Performing Arts
Miss A Barr |Teacher of Performing Arts and PE

Choosing Performing Arts as an option

Student may choose Performing Arts at the end of Year 9 as an option. Those girls who select the subject participate in many projects and continue to develop and embed the skills from Key Stage 3.

Below is a brief outline of the AQA Performing Arts course that our students follow:


Student will be assessed on their practical skills and the process that they have undertaken to complete each unit of work. Both research and planning notes will be monitored and assessed.

Course content

Skills development 60%

In this unit students will learn and develop skills in the performing arts disciplines and will gather evidence of what they learn. At the start of each topic students will assess their skills and plan for improvement. Students must be prepared to explore both dance and drama; furthermore, candidates will produce a portfolio of the work that they have planned, researched and presented.

Showcase performance 40%

Students will work as part of a production company to put on a performance in response to an externally set showcase brief.

Important requirements

Excellent attendance
Ability to work individually and as part of a team