New Books for the School Library

It is an invitation that any keen reader would find hard to refuse – to spend a morning in a major bookstore to choose new books for the school library!

Helping to refresh the LRB shelves with a selection of over 150 of the latest books on the market, ten of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students travelled to the Waterstones store in Liverpool One. They enthusiastically combed the shop for some great new reads that they thought would be liked by their peers, as well as successfully searching for specific requests that other students had made. Their work was only interrupted by a short refreshment break for a drink and a piece of cake, helping to maintain energy levels.

The Learning Resource Base staff of Mr Taylor and Mrs Haynes, and Mrs Connolly from the School Office, were most impressed with their morning’s work and the choices made – we cannot wait for them to be delivered later in the week so we can all start reading!

Our students are pictured here with their trolley of chosen books and Waterstones staff member, Elaine, who looked after us throughout the morning.