Music Tuition

Instrumental and Vocal Tuition

Tuition is available to ALL pupils at Prenton High School, regardless of whether they have played the instrument before.
Lessons are available on the following instruments, subject to adequate demand and availability of staff:

·         Brass
·         Drum Kit
·         Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone
·         Guitar | Bass
·         Keyboard
·         Violin | Viola | Cello
·         Voice

Instrument loan
School have a supply of many of these instruments and are happy to loan them for a fixed period to students when they begin their tuition.

Joining an ensemble
There are also appropriate school ensembles available on all of these instruments during lunchtimes | after school in which we greatly encourage students to participate.


Shared 20 minute lesson= £6.38 per lesson

Individual 20 minute lesson= £9.50 per lesson

Individual 30 minute lesson = £12.44 per lesson

For each new starter there is a 12 week taster period. If after those 12 lessons, you do not wish to continue you can cancel the course with no termination period. If you wish to terminate lessons after this 12 week taster period you would need to give notice to Music for Life with 12 weeks in advance of termination. 

  • Changes in family circumstances that occur after a course has started (such as redundancy) are always looked on very sympathetically and fees may be adjusted via Music for Life.
  • Significant fee reductions may be available to families facing hardship. Please ask for details BEFORE booking lessons.
  • As already stated, some course fees may be considerably lower due to subsidies available in particular schools. As you complete the booking form, you will see the correct course fee for your school.

Subsidised lessons are available to support students with qualifying circumstances, for example, if you are in receipt of free school meals or have been within the past six years. This will be allocated in line with national guidelines. If no place is available when applied for, students will be placed on a waiting list and allocated a place as soon as one becomes available.