Kindertransport project inspires students

Year 8 students have gone above and beyond in their efforts to learn about Kindertransport; the organised rescue effort that helped thousands of European children to escape Hitler’s reign of terror ahead of World War II. 

As part of their English lessons, students were asked to create something to reflect a key theme of Kindertransport. From authentic, historic artifacts of the time through to students’ own personal creations, everyone rose to the challenge and shared a range of wonderful submissions with their peers. 

Although it saved around 10,000 lives, kindertransport was also an extremely difficult experience for the children who had to leave their family and friends behind.

One of the student contributions that really stood out was Brooke’s, which included information obtained from the Imperial War Museum about the items in her box. With support from her mum, she was also able to make contact with some of the people who were saved by Kindertransport. They provided moving, first-hand accounts of their experiences and Brooke documented these exchanges for everyone to learn from.

We are so proud of the endeavor and respect that students have shown with this important topic!