Here to Help on Mental Health

Wednesday October 10 was World Mental Health Day and staff and students organised a busy schedule of supportive activities throughout the day in school.

There were films and discussions during form times and lunchtime drop-in events with quizzes, drawing and poetry-writing with our Mental Health Ambassadors, Peer Educators, and School Counsellor Michelle in the Learning Resource Base, and Emily from Kooth provided advice and guidance in the foyer. Open workshops with School Nurse Fiona and Health Service in Schools Youth Worker Jackie produced a series of positive messages that contributed to make an impressive bunting for the main staircase. Year 9 students started the day with an assembly in which our trained Year 11 Mental Health First Aiders Laura, Neve, Abbie (pictured) and Ellie prepared and delivered a presentation of their thoughts and advice on poor mental health. Their presentation included a short film, followed by a moving poem, written by Year 10 student Molly and delivered by Grace.

Teenage years are exciting times for many but they can also be times of stress and apprehension that, in some cases and if not recognised and managed, give feelings that can lead to mental illness.  We are fortunate at Prenton High School as we not only have students dedicated to provide help to their peers, but also Michelle Higgins, School Counsellor, and a Student Services team led by Mrs Roberts on hand to listen and provide professional support.

Our team of trained students and staff are always on hand to help anyone with concerns and to demonstrate that we try do as much as we possibly can to ensure all our students enjoy excellent mental health. Thank you!