Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care is a part of everyone’s life, no matter what age they are. There is no escape from it even on television with popular modern dramas such as Casualty, ER and Holby City, period dramas such as Call the Midwife and fly on the wall documentaries such as 24 hours in A&E, One Born Every Minute and Midwives.

The term is used to cover a wide range of different areas and establishments. Hospitals, dentists, nurseries, care homes, residential homes and day centres are some of the establishments covered within the subject. There are strong links to biology, nutrition, ethics, law, sociology and psychology within the work covered.

Our health and wellbeing throughout our life is very important and the subject looks at how a range of services are available to support us at all stages of our lives.


Mrs H Wright | Teacher of Health and Social Care | Child Development | Retail Business

The GCSE Curriculum

Specification: WNW 47
Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel
Qualification: BTEC Tech Award

This course is vocational and will cover the necessary knowledge and skills for those who want to pursue a career in Health and Social Care.
The BTEC Tech Award is a Level 1/2 qualification. It is graded Level 1 Pass, Level 1 Merit, Level 1 Distinction, Level 2 Pass, Level 2 Merit, Level 2 Distinction, Level 2 Distinction.

40% of the course will be assessed by means of a three hour assessment that is marked externally. The remaining 60% of the course is assessed internally and moderated externally.

What will I learn?
There are three compulsory components:
Component 1—Human Lifespan Development (internally assessed)
The work covered includes:

• The different life stages

• Aspects of human growth and development

• Physical factors that affect human growth and development

• Social, cultural and emotional factors that affect human growth and development

• Economic factors that affect human growth and development

• The expected life events that can affect human growth and development

• The unexpected life events that can affect human growth and development

• Understanding how to manage the changes caused by life events

Component 2—Health and social care services and values (internally assessed)
The work includes:

• Defining and demonstrating care values

• Investigating ways of empowering individuals who use health and social care services

Component 3—Health and wellbeing (externally assessed)
The work includes:

• Exploring the purpose, types and benefits of health promotion

• Looking at the benefits of health promotion to both the health and wellbeing of the individual and the nation

• Investigating how health risks can be addressed through health promotion

• Dietary intake and food groups

• The long term effects of balanced and unbalanced diets

• Factors influencing the diet of individuals and their associated dietary needs

• Nutritional variation during life stage development

• Considerations for nutritional planning