Good Luck Year 11s!

The final Year 11 assembly before the start of the GCSE exams certainly grabbed students’ attention! Each received a pack of jelly beans as they gathered in the Main Hall and soon all became clear. Deputy Headteacher Mrs Fraser’s assembly was the conclusion in a series of Prepare to Perform sessions over a number of weeks in which she has provided motivational tips and positive advice on how students can achieve their GCSE goals.

Mrs Fraser’s final presentation centred around the assumption that if we start life with 28,835 jelly beans, with each bean representing one day of our lives, it became evident that after spending the equivalent of many days completing the normal everyday things we do throughout our lives, there are not too many beans remaining – so it is absolutely vital we make each day count, starting now!

There was good news as well for two students named Ellie – over the past weeks, students attending revision sessions earned raffle tickets for a prize draw, £40 and £20 vouchers to spend in Liverpool One!

Thanks to Mrs Fraser for her series of talks – and to Year 8 students Isobelle and Maddie who introduced the assembly with the Charlie Puth song ‘One Call Away’.

Good luck Year 11 in your GCSEs over the coming weeks!