Field Trips Provide Plenty to Study

Our Year 10 GCSE Geography students have had a busy week with two trips in which to study ‘in the field’.

Tuesday saw them heading to Formby Point where they studied the sand dune ecosystem. There, they also came face to face with some famous Formby residents – their red squirrels – but, unfortunately, there was a downside to their visit. The huge amount of refuse left on the beach after Monday’s Bank Holiday provided ample evidence of how human behaviour affects our environment.

The next day they conducted an urban transect through Birkenhead, helped by some more fine weather. Students explored how Birkenhead’s land use changes from the rural-urban fringe to the Central Business District (CBD).

During the day, they also walked up to Oxton village to see an example of gentrification – defined as the process by which wealthier people move into, renovate, and restore housing in inner cities, formerly home to poorer people.