COVID-19 Update: Friday 27 March 2020

A message from Headteacher, Mrs Ayling

“It is now a week since schools across the country closed their gates as part of the national effort to try and slow the spread of the Coronavirus. It has been a week in which all of our daily lives have changed significantly, and I would like to start by thanking you all for the support that you have provided to our school community at this challenging time.

Across the country families have been establishing new routines and ways of working. As a school, we are continuing to work to support our students during this time. Plans are underway for longer term approaches to providing students with ongoing work, approaches to staying in touch and providing resources to support well-being during this period of social distancing.

We will stay in touch with you regularly and will contact you next week to outline plans for the coming weeks. In the meantime, try to establish a routine each day which builds in time to work on the packs and online resources that students have been provided with, but that also builds in time for other activities, some fresh air and physical exercise; looking after your well-being is crucial at this time.

Today you will receive a parent survey regarding access to IT in your home and future work plans which we would urge you to complete as this will greatly help in planning the next stage of our support to students.

Our social media platforms (Twitter @prentonhigh, Instagram @prentonhighschoolforgirls and Facebook @prentonhighschool) along with our website, have regular updates and links to activities, resources and support providing another good way of staying in touch. 

Please click here to access our online learning tools and resources.

We hope that you and your family remain safe and well.”

Lisa Ayling