Courtney overcomes her fear


Learning to have confidence in and around areas of water is something worth mastering, and one bad experience can take a long time to overcome.

Some years ago, someone thought it amusing to throw current Year 10 student Courtney into the water at a Water Park giving her a fear of water that has taken some courage to beat. It was with some trepidation that she accepted an invitation to join others from the Shaftesbury Youth Club on a trip along the canals of Cheshire. However, Courtney had a strategy to help combat her fear – she took a camera. By keeping busy taking a portfolio of creative photographs during the trip, she not only kept a record of the day for her and the group, but she soon realised that her fear of water had fast disappeared.

Shortly afterwards, and safely back on dry land, Courtney was invited to deliver a talk about her day on the barge at the One hundred and thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Shaftesbury Youth Club in October. Courtney says that presenting to a full room of adults that included their President, Chairman, Treasurer and CEO plus the Mayor, Cllr Ann McLachlan, helped to overcome another fear as well!

Courtney has another trip on the water planned – don’t forget to take your camera again, Courtney!