Computing and ICT

Computing and ICT plays an increasing vital role in our everyday lives. We aim to develop confident ICT skilled students who can access and use a wide range of applications internally on the network and remotely via a range of devices to aid access across the curriculum.

The Computing and ICT Learning Journey provides a general overview of what students will cover in this subject.

View the Computing and ICT Learning Journey.

The skills and knowledge that students will acquire in Computing and ICT, will underpin all other subjects within the curriculum offer. Examples include:

  • How to search efficiently and safely on the Internet, which is used across all subjects
  • Modelling and programming, which underpins Maths
  • Visual literacy, programming, and web design, which supports English Language
  • Programming and sequencing; a great topic to encourage critical thinking

Our aim in Computing is to ensure that all our students:
• Know and understand how to keep safe and away from harm, whilst using the Internet and other communications facilities.
• Are able to explore and become confident, using emerging technologies.
• Develop a range of transferable skills.
• Use technology effectively, creatively and imaginatively.
• Are able to identify and understand when and where to use skills and Computing and ICT knowledge, in other areas of the curriculum. To extend, support and enrich learning across the whole curriculum via a range of applications.
• Develop a Growth Mindset through inquisitive problem-solving tasks and debugging code.

But above all we strive to make our students selective, confident, and skilled enough to become independent users of technology.

Table of Topics

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  • Health and Safety
  • E-Safety
  • Basic Skills
  • Intro to programming
  • Database
  • How to Use Computers Safely
  • Game Creation
  • IDEA Award
  • Multimedia
  • How Computers Work
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Mobile Phone APP Creation
  • Web Design
  • BBC Microbit Programming
  • IDEA Award
  • Further Programming
  • Further Web Design
  • Media Project
  • Computer Crime and Cyber Security
  • Computational Thinking and Logic
  • Networks
  • IDEA Award

We offer two different Computing & ICT courses at Key Stage 4. Details of each course can be found on the following pages:

Creative i-Media

Computer Science



Mr T Simon | Subject Leader
Mrs A Brown | Teacher ICT and Computing


Prenton High School students have access to the latest computer technology in air-conditioned computing suites that include workstations, colour and laser printers and Clevertouch interactive screens

The workstations are equipped with a wide range of software, ranging from software for general use, for example: MS Office 2016 to more specific software including, Adobe Creative Cloud,  MIT APP Inventor (Web Based), Python Mu Emulator and PyCharm. We also have additional technology to facilitate lessons including USB Robot Arms, Mobile Phones, Flip Cams and Video Equipment Packs.


Students have access to the various computing suites as well as additional facilities in the Learning Resource Base, DT/PE computer rooms and individual department facilities, during lunchtime and after school. Qualified teachers in computing are available at these times to help students who may be struggling, or need extra help.