Careers in the Creative Industries

Careers in the creative industries are varied and provide young a with wide range of possibilities for future pathways. Employers are looking for students to have a range of creative skills and have the ability to adapt to a range of situations. So it is important that these skills are developed to succeed in these industries.

Studying a creative subject will help you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Understanding the world around you.
  • Learning how to express yourself.
  • Helping you think outside the box.
  • Learning how to problem solve.
  • How to not be scared of failure.
  • Learning how to experiment
  • Appreciating the therapeutic qualities of creative subject.
  • Being part of the fastest growing industry in the UK.
  • Studying one of the few GCSE subjects left with a large amount of practical coursework towards your final grade.

There are a wide range of possible future careers you can enter by studying a creative subject, these include: App Design, Architect, Art Therapists, Book Illustrator, Cake Decorator, Ceramics Designer, Comic Book Creator, Costume Designer, Digital Imaging, Fashion Designer, Film Producer, Florist, Glass Blower, Graphic Designer, Hairdressing, Product Designer, Interior Designer, Jewellery Designer, Make-up Artist, Model Maker, Photographer, Printmaker, Production Designer, Prop Maker, Street Artist, Stylist, Textile Designer, Set Designer and Software Designer.


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