An Inspiring Morning for Year 11

It has been a key date in the diary for our Year 11 students as they received their Pre-Public Examination (PPE) results, taken before Christmas.

Joining Year 11 Progress Leader, Ms Craven, later in the Main Hall, students were encouraged to reflect on what went well for them in their examinations, to take advantage of all the support available to them in school, and to review which revision techniques worked best for them. Although there are just fourteen school weeks remaining to their GCSE exams, there remain plenty of lessons in which to work on their targets and make their grades even more impressive!

Ms Craven shared her own very personal educational journey, described by one of her university lecturers like a nice long hill-walk – not always easy – but at the end, the top is reached. Well done so far everyone – and, like Ms Craven, keep working hard to reach the top!