An Assembly with Vision and Values

There was a packed agenda when Year 8 and Year 9 students held their combined assembly, led by Deputy Headteacher Mrs Fraser.

Following Year 7 student Libby singing ‘Hall of Fame’, Mrs Fraser reviewed the school’s Vision and Values and spoke about inspirational people such as those who climb mountains, discover new medicines, play sport at the highest level, and venture into space. She then looked closer to home as here in Prenton we too have our inspirational people – our students! In recent months we have tweeted about poetry winners, Duke of Edinburgh Award winners, Mental Health and Eco representatives, LFC Academy participants, rocket-car launchers, PiXL winners, and Prenton Theatre Company performers, to name but a few! 

Before they introduced themselves, Mrs Fraser talked about the process of choosing the new Student Senior Leadership Team, and described how they had been able to impress the School’s Senior Team with their achievements since Year 7, many of which were through taking advantage of the many extra-curricular activities on offer in school, as well as being role-models to their peers.

Four members of our new Student Senior Leadership Team – Deputy Head Girls Jessica and Amy, and Assistant Head Girls Eva and Kira introduced themselves, giving their own visions of what they wish to achieve for everyone over the coming year. Because our new Head Girl, Lucy and her Deputy were on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition – and in a ‘first’ for Prenton – Head Girl Lucy and Assistant Head Girl Grace introduced themselves by pre-recorded message!  

We indeed have an exciting year in prospect!