Acts of Kindness Fit in with our Values

When was the last time you tidied your bedroom without being asked, helped an elderly person across the road, or given a homeless man some food?

Kindness formed the theme of 7R1’s assembly to their peers, looking at examples in which people have tried to brighten up somebody else’s day – such as placing flowers at a bus stop, helping to get someone home who had had a seizure on a train, or paying for a paramedic’s petrol as a gesture of thanks for his work in the NHS.

As one of our core values that include Trust, Respect, Integrity and Endeavour, students were encouraged to start their random acts of Kindness today, in school. Opening a door for someone or looking after a fellow student who is feeling left out can make a big difference to others would be a great start.

7R1 ended by demonstrating their Kindness jar, filling it with notes of recent, individual, acts of kindness. Well done 7R1, for helping us to become even better citizens!