A Positive Message from Kayte

The dictionary tells us that Esteem is about respect and admiration, and defines Self-Esteem as the ability to like yourself.

Helping us with her confidence-building programme on Friendships, Respect, Bullying and Self-Esteem, we welcomed into school Kayte Walsh from ‘My Esteem’ @EsteemKayte. She conducted the first of a series of workshops with a variety of students and, during her first day with us, she also spent time with our Peer Mentors working on Child Protection.

Kayte has been recently nominated for a National Diversity Award for her work as a role model in the community. On International Women’s Day, Kayte’s support in helping children and young people to boost their self-esteem and resilience to overcome issues they have faced (such as bullying, unhealthy relationships, death or loss) was recognised in the Liverpool Echo – Kayte was described as one of the Merseyside women who have Suffragette Spirit today.

Thank you, Kayte, for coming in to work with our students.