A New Vision for a New Year

The start of a new year is an excellent time to review aspirations, taking a fresh look as to where we see ourselves in the future – and how we are to achieve our ambitions.

In the first of a series of assemblies Headteacher Mrs Ayling, supported by members of the student working group, launched ‘The Prenton Pathway to Success’ to their Year 7 audience. Throughout the autumn term staff, governors and students met to develop and agree a shared vision for all – posing questions such as: what we do want to achieve, what is important to us, what is our preferred future, and what do we want our students to take from their time at Prenton? We then looked at the core values required to enable achievement of that vision – also reflected in our new mission statement of: ‘Making a positive difference today to achieve a better tomorrow’.

Adopting the spirit of a new year, and achieving a successful pathway to a better tomorrow, our core values of resilience, trust, integrity, kindness and endeavour, will also be qualities recognised through the award of positive IRIS behaviour points and endorsed through the display of The Prenton Pathway to Success posters about to be positioned in form rooms and around school.

Mrs Hepke, Year 7 Progress Leader, closed the assembly by congratulating 7R1 students and presented their Form Captain, Mollie, with certificates for their superb attendance and for being the form gaining the most IRIS points during the final week of last term.

A great beginning to 2019 – we wish everyone a happy and successful New Year!