7B2 wish you a Joyeux Noel, feliz Navidad, buon Natale – and more!


The Year 7 assembly today was both informative and entertaining, thanks to Form 7B2!

Mme Rochet, Subject Leader – MFL, clearly had some influence on her form’s chosen topic: ‘Christmas Around the World’ which included video footage taken around school of Prenton students whose home countries celebrate Christmas with different customs to the UK and how they say ‘Happy Christmas’ in their mother tongue.

We heard about the importance of Christmas trees and cakes in Italy, meals that had twelve dishes (each representing Christ’s apostles) in Lithuania and Latvia, that Christmas presents are exchanged on 6 January in Spain, and in France they have their big meal on Christmas Eve and exchange presents on Christmas Day.7B2 students went on to give details of Christmas in Australia, Africa and Japan – and their assembly finished with everyone singing Jingle Bell Rock, just to set the seasonal mood. Thanks 7B2!