Positive Feedback from Our Class of 2018

As our Year 11 prepared to leave us following the completion of their GCSE examinations, it was a good opportunity for them to stop and reflect on the past five years with us. We were delighted to receive so many positive responses and print a small selection here.

We wish you all every success on Results Day on 23 August and in your future studies!

“I have had a great time at Prenton High School”

“Prenton has been the best experience; I’ve now developed into a strong young woman”

“Prenton was just the right place for me – the teachers are supportive and friendly, the students even more so! I will miss Prenton so much!”

“My time at Prenton High School has been brilliant. It has been a great journey throughout”

“I enjoyed lots of lessons and went to a lot of clubs”

“I made great friends and the teachers helped me”

“Prenton has given me self-confidence”

“Gained many friends”

“It has been an unforgettable experience. Prenton has helped me to believe in myself for the future”

“I didn’t like the change from primary school at first but grew to love Prenton!”

“Made great friends, great teachers”

“Being at Prenton has truly let me grow as a person and show my true colours!”

“My friends are good – and so is the canteen!”

“Prenton really improved my abilities and skills”

“I found great friends at Prenton who will be with me for a long time”

“I have enjoyed my time at Prenton hugely as the staff and students are lovely”

“What went well for me? My assembly performances!”

“I loved everything! Prenton’s given me many memories and I have had the best experience”

The photograph shows the refreshments laid on for Year 11 students when they returned to school for their leaving assembly.